History Gallery

Graham Moore’s life has always been involved in cars. He is as passionate about restoring cars back to their original factory specifications as he is about his motor sport. This is just a part of Graham’s love affair with his cars and motor sport in general. Graham hopes you enjoy some photographic history surrounding his career.

At 15 years of age he began building a 1934 Ford Roadster hot-rod in his dad’s backyard garage. Completed the car two years later & soon road registered the bright orange vehicle.

At 18 years of age he competed in his first road race at the now extinct Warwick Farm Motor Racing circuit in Sydney, finishing in 3rd place. He had his first start in the 1965 Armstrong 500 mile race in Bathurst in a Morris Cooper “S”, he finished in 8th place outright. This was a perfect start to Graham’s many Bathurst assaults in the future.

Graham has had a total of 26 starts at Bathurst, meaning he is the fifth-place driver on the list for record starts in this world famous Bathurst event.

Graham’s privateer success, both at Bathurst and elswhere on the Australian motor racing circuit was rewarded with factory supported works drives. The first with Chrysler Australia, in the Charger with Doug Chivas & later with Williams Touring Car Engineering in a Renault Laguna Super Touring Car with Formula 1 world champion Alan Jones.

In 1995 the factory supported works drive continued in one of his four drives in the world renowned Spa Francorchamps 24 hour race in Belgium. This drive was in a German Open as Co-pilot with his good friend, Belgian, Michel Delcourt.

Grahams entrepreneurial skills were at their highest when, in 1992, he contacted the World Champion motor cycle racer, Wayne Gardner to partner him at Bathurst 1000k race. This was Gardners first fore into motor racing in Australia and immediately elevated him to the upper echelon of car racing greats in Australia with his Coca Cola Team and his drives for Holden Racing Team.

In 1997 Graham took on a massive task when he “imported” the whole English “Williams’s Touring Car Engineering Team” for the Bathurst Race.

They said it “couldn’t be done” but it was! 2 “factory” Renault Laguna’s and all the spares and equipment required for the event. 27 engineers’ and crew in total together with the technical equipment required to run the cars!

British touring car champions Alain Menu and Jason Plato were the factory drivers and the second car was shared by Graham and ex Formula 1 World Champion Alan Jones.